Coaching and Services

3 Month program

3 months- 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions

Together we’ll figure out where your setbacks are, set goals, and discuss potential plans to creating a happier, healthier you. You’ll begin to notice that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and gain more confidence that you can change.

Included are handouts, recipes, and email/text support between sessions.

$585 – Online or in person

*Payment plans available*

6 month progrAM

6 months-12 x 60 minute coaching sessions

An immersive program that dives deep into you habits and patterns so we can get to the root of what’s stopping you from living your best life. Together we’ll create a plan that brings more awareness, balance, joy, satisfaction, energy, and ease into your life.

Included are handouts, recipes, email/text support between sessions, and one add-on of your choice.

$1170 – Online or In person

*Payment plans available*


Pantry/Fridge Makeover- The first step to eating right is having the right foods available! Together we’ll go through your pantry and fridge and find ways to plan and create easy, delicious, and nutritious meals and snacks for you and your family. Online or in-person

Grocery Excursion- You may not know this, but grocery store layouts are set up in a certain way to keep you shopping for longer, buying unnecessary items. We’ll learn how they are set up, how to find healthy food for the best prices, and learn about nutritional labels. – In-person only

Farmers’ Market Tour- The best food to consume is fresh and local. Let’s meet some local farmers that are passionate about growing fruits and veggies, and creating homemade foods that are yummy and made right here in the Flathead Valley! – In-person only

Cooking Demonstration- A lot of people equate healthy with *flavorless*. My passion is creating healthy, quick, easy, and delicious meals. We’ll make recipes that you and your family will be raving about. – Online or in-person

2 hours- $75


I truly believe that health and wellness isn’t just about what we eat and or exercise routine! How our home and work environment is kept plays a HUGE part in our mental and emotional health. I’ve cleaned residential and commercial spaces on and off for years. Offering one time or recurring cleans.

$40/hour +

Personal training

In-home training available(No equipment needed) or find me at;

Empower Fitness in Bigfork, MT.


personal chef/ meal prep

A menu will be provided for you to choose your meals. Only Vegetarian/vegan options but can create them for specific allergies or dietary needs. I will do the shopping, cooking(in your home or vacation rental), and clean-up, leaving you with meals in the fridge or freezer, and instructions to heat.

$300 + Cost of groceries – 4 meals for 4 people (Entree and one side)

$350 + Cost of groceries – 6 meals for 4 people (Entree and one side)

Cooking classes available in-home or online $75/person- Two recipes

Sample Menu For Diabetic:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a health coach?

Just like it says, I’m a coach! I’m here to support and encourage you on your journey to a new you. We’ll create a plan, set goals, have weekly check-ins, figure out what kind of balance you need in your life, and so much more.

Can i just get one session?

Unfortunately, no. Change doesn’t happen overnight. Three months is the minimum amount of time you will need to figure out how to set and maintain healthy life goals. I offer an extension at the end of the program if you want to keep going!

The good news is, the free consultation that I offer will give you a good glimpse of how things will go. Shoot me a message and we can set one up!

Is health coaching just for diet and exercise?

Nope! Health isn’t just about our food and fitness. In order to have a healthy and fulfilling life, all aspects need to be in balance. That includes our career, family, finances, stress levels, environment, spirituality, and more!